NOTICE: CCET, a Texas Non-Profit membership organization organized in September 2005, is in the process of a 3-year wind down of the organization’s operations under Texas statutes. This Web Page at this date in September 2015 provides a “Library” type service displaying the CCET status and major historical activities as of year 2015. The information will remain available until the wind down is complete.

Overview - Annual CCET/IEEE Student Design Contest

The Center for the Commercialization of Electric Technologies (CCET) sponsors an Annual Student Design Contest in cooperation with IEEE Region 5. CCET is a consortium of electric utilities, high technology firms, research companies, and university researchers who are committed to advancing the power market by increasing the reliability, security, power quality, and efficiency of electric power. Our product focus has been on "smart grid" technologies particularly at the distribution and end user segments.

The problems posed are real ones faced by the electric utility industry that may be applied in the field as practical solutions. Thus, the students have the satisfaction of knowing that they are working on a solution to problem faced by the electric utilities and/or green technology industry.

In addition to the cash prizes, the trophies, and the opportunity to display their work at the annual IEEE Region 5 conference, successful contestants are given the opportunity to further showcase their work in a demonstration and/or may be selected by one or more CCET industry members to commercialize their work.

The CCET/IEEE student design contest is open to any student who is at least 18 years old and is enrolled as an electrical and/or computer engineering student and is a member of an IEEE student branch in IEEE Region 5. Void where prohibited by law. Contestants and their faculty advisors are encouraged to combine this with a senior design project for the fall semester, but are not required to do so.