NOTICE: CCET, a Texas Non-Profit membership organization organized in September 2005, is in the process of a 3-year wind down of the organization’s operations under Texas statutes. This Web Page at this date in September 2015 provides a “Library” type service displaying the CCET status and major historical activities as of year 2015. The information will remain available until the wind down is complete.
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Overview - About CCET

Headquartered in downtown Austin, Texas, the Center for the Commercialization of Electric Technologies (CCET) facilitates electric industry, technology company and university collaboration for the purpose of enhancing the safety, reliability, security, and efficiency of the Texas electric transmission and distribution system through research, development and commercialization of emerging technologies. Further, the purpose of CCET is to modernize the electricity network to enhance power quality that is crucial to an increasingly computerized society, and in the end, to enhance economic growth and the standard of living of Texas citizens.

Integral to the achievement of the purpose is the development of a collaborative process among utilities that own or operate transmission and/or distribution facilities in Texas, retail electric providers, high-tech companies, research companies, and university researchers to find technology solutions to challenges facing the Texas electric power industry.


CCET's focus is on the completion of projects that lead the ERCOT market 3 to 5 years ahead of today's solutions through technology development and demonstration, market definition and business case testing and promotion of policy and legislative initiatives that support the effort.


Accelerate new and emerging technologies, optimize existing assets and loads, and promote advanced consumer products and services.


At CCET's beginning in the Fall of 2005 many of the largest electric utilities, technology companies, and educational institutions in Texas recognized the opportunity to work together to help make Texas and the ERCOT electric market a national leader in technological and market innovation. Beginning with four Texas founding companies--AEP Texas, CenterPoint Energy, Freescale Semiconductor, and TXU Energy (now Oncor) - membership today include utilities that own or operate transmission and/or distribution facilities in Texas, retail electric providers, high technology companies, research and development companies that are invested in the commercialization, research, and development of new electric technologies.

CCET is a Texas non-profit corporation and operates as a Section 501(c)(6) entity under the Internal Revenue Code. Membership fees support the administration of the organization while contributions by interested members and external funding support the CCET projects.