Electric Vehicles (EVs) Help Make a Better Texas

EVs make a lot sense for a number reasons and help add up to a better Texas.

Environmental benefits. Since emissions for EVs are significantly lower than those produced by traditional vehicles, EVs improve air quality and slow global warming. In fact, in all-electric mode, EVs produce no tailpipe emissions.

Energy independence. Texas has more than 10,000 megawatts of wind generation capacity. By charging their EVs at night, Texans would be tapping into that energy from West Texas wind turbines. Increased use of wind power equals a decreased dependence on foreign oil.

Fuel economic benefits. In electric mode, the cost to operate an EV is around 3 to 5 cents per mile compared to 14 cents per mile for traditional vehicle, based on 10 cents/kWh electricity and $3.50/gallon gasoline. EVs can reduce your fuels costs dramatically.

Personal benefits. You can transform your garage into your personal electric-charging station. You can fuel up in your garage by plugging into a standard 120v power outlet. No more driving to gas stations to fuel your car. In addition, with a network of EV charging stations you will be able to top off your EV batteries while you are shopping or working. In the past, electric vehicles were often compared to golf carts. Today's EVs match or surpass conventional gasoline cars and are fun to drive and responsive.

EV Vehicle Handbook. The U.S. Department of Energy Clean Cities has prepared a handbook designed to answer your basic questions and point you to additional information.

file_extension_pdf (1K)Plug-In Electric Vehicle Handbook for Consumers

Development of an interactive consumer information program - One of the goals of the Texas Triangle PEV Readiness Plan (Texas Triangle project) was the development of an interactive consumer information program. The idea was to create a regionally tailored website to provide potential Texas PEV purchasers (both fleet and consumer) information on electric vehicles so they could learn more about the technology and make informed choices. Additionally, the website would include information for other interested parties such as auto dealers, electricians and First Responders. Please click here to see the prototype storyboard.

While this prototype is not intended to be the final website with full hosting and maintenance support, webmaster, videos, and more aesthetically attractive design, we are making it available for viewing given it has many useful links and content. Please submit any comments, suggestions or any other general information on the prototype to .

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