NOTICE: CCET, a Texas Non-Profit membership organization organized in September 2005, is in the process of a 3-year wind down of the organization’s operations under Texas statutes. This Web Page at this date in September 2015 provides a “Library” type service displaying the CCET status and major historical activities as of year 2015. The information will remain available until the wind down is complete.
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In the News

Dr. Milton Holloway speaks on the future of leadership

(September 20 - 21, 2011) - At THINK: A Forum on the Future of Leadership in New York, IBM brought together innovative leaders from across the globe to deepen our collective understanding of the future of leadership on a smarter planet. Milton Holloway, President and COO of the Center for the Commercialization of Electric Technologies (CCET) discusses a fundamental shift in leadership models and leadership styles.

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Texas receives $1 million in Awards for Advanced Vehicle Development

(September 8, 2011) - The Center for the Commercialization of Electric Technologies (CCET) has been awarded a $500,000 from the the U.S. Department of Energy's Clean Cities Initiative. CCET has joined with regional planning groups, along several CCET member companies, electric vehicle charging companies, electric vehicle manufacturers, and others to develop a plan for electric vehicle charging infrastructure deployment in the "Texas Triangle" (Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston/Galveston, and Austin/San Antonio) corridor.

The City of Austin, Austin Energy has been awarded $499,782, which will be used by Austin Energy to develop processes and procedures to enable efficient and cost-effective placement of charging infrastructure between San Antonio and Georgetown. Several electric entities, from CPS in San Antonio to Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative in Bastrop, will collaborate on this project.

"Modern electric vehicles offer all the comfort, safety and convenience of their gasoline counterparts, save one thing - range limitations. The infrastructure to rid the consumer of "range anxiety" will cure that problem. Our Texas effort will lead the nation in developing the needed infrastructure to support electric vehicle travel among our major cities, and we'll clean up the smog along the way," said Dr. Milton Holloway, President and COO of the CCET.

Over the past few years the major cities in Texas have made progress in making their communities ready for PEVs and promoting PEV ownership. These cities form the corners of the "Texas Triangle". This project will focus on assuring PEV charging infrastructure between these cities along with topical areas of statewide application.

CCET MAJOR PARTICIPANTS: This Texas Triangle PEV Readiness Plan will include five planning teams: Plug-in Texas (state legislation and agency initiatives); Frontier Associates (electric utility issues and PEV grid interface); Southwestern Economics and AeroVironment (mid-size city permitting, training, fleet transformation, ordinance preparation, code revisions, etc); ECOtality (PEV charging infrastructure along the triangle corridors); and Dave Tuttle Consulting (interactive information program). In addition, a Project Review Committee composed of Clean Cities coalition staff, electric utility representatives, and cognizant state agencies will provide review of the work products. Finally, Southwest Research Institute will provide key technical review and provide valuable insights into the implications of the economic change from a petroleum-based to an electricity-based transportation system.

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Oncor & CenterPoint Energy Unite to Launch Biggest Energy Saverssm Campaign in Texas

Austin, Texas – (June 13, 2011 EON: Enhanced Online News) Texas' biggest electric delivery utilities announced Monday that their state will make history by jumpstarting the market for smart meter applications and empowering customers to benefit from smart meter technology.

“This campaign serves not only as a way to motivate technological innovation, but also gives customers an exciting and rewarding new way to get involved”

The Biggest Energy Saversm Campaign will encourage the development of new software applications to help customers easily understand and use information from their new smart meters. It will also encourage customers to make the most of their smart meter data by changing their habits to reduce their energy usage and control their electric costs.

Visit the Biggest Energy Saver Website.

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PMUs help ERCOT predict grid behavior, integrate wind

(June 9, 2011 - Smart Grid Today) - As part of a $27-million SGRD project, ERCOT and the Center for Commercialization of Electric Technologies, of Austin, Texas, are installing 20 phasor measurement units (PMU) to get a clearer picture of what happens on the grid and how wind power can best … (to read the remainder of this article, please log into Smart Grid Today.)

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CCET Discovery Across Texas Project

Technology Solutions for Wind Integration in ERCOT - Manage the fluctuations in wind power in the large Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) transmission grid through better system monitoring capabilities, enhanced operator visualization, and improved load management. Project includes the installation of synchrophasors to enhance monitoring of grid conditions as variable wind resources move through the system, and the use of integrated Smart Grid technologies, including battery storage, smart meters and appliances, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and homes equipped with 3-5 kW solar photovoltaics.

For a list of smart grid demonstration awards for Texas click here.

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Texas Selected for Department of Energy Regional Demonstration Project

(November 24, 2009) - A Texas industry-research institution partnership has been selected by the U.S. Department of Energy to carry out a regional demonstration project aimed at better integrating the vast Texas wind energy resources into the state’s electric transmission, distribution and metering system.

Read the full report, here.