NOTICE: CCET, a Texas Non-Profit membership organization organized in September 2005, is in the process of a 3-year wind down of the organization’s operations under Texas statutes. This Web Page at this date in September 2015 provides a “Library” type service displaying the CCET status and major historical activities as of year 2015. The information will remain available until the wind down is complete.

Overview - CCET Projects

The Center for the Commercialization of Electric Technologies (CCET), in pursuit of our mission, has embarked on a number of projects to serve the purposes of the organization and has an ongoing process in place to develop still other projects, all of which are intended to move the Texas electric grid toward a modern grid, often referred to as a "smart" grid, the benefits of which we believe will be spread to all sectors of the Texas economy.

CCET projects are developed from within the membership of companies who, along with the officers of the organization, carry out the projects, where supplemental services are provided by the vendor community. External funding and joint project support comes from government and other funding entities. CCET has leveraged funding support from the Texas Emerging Technology Fund (TETF) whose purpose is to help develop and diversify the Texas economy by expediting innovation and commercialization of research. CCET has also been successful in obtaining one of the Nation's largest Regional Demonstration Projects funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Smart Grid program as implemented by the U.S. Department of Energy.

CCET Project Ideas

IOTS White Papers for a New CCET Vision -- During the summer of 2014 CCET carried out three taskforce activities to define technology focus areas leading to priority projects for 2015 and beyond. The three taskforces developed white papers that each defined a statement of objectives, summarized the state of the art, identified the major challenges and defined a priority project for funding.
The three efforts included:
  • file_extension_pdf (1K)Challenges for and from Devices on the Edge
  • file_extension_pdf (1K)Evaluating Electric Distribution Technologies through Modeling and Simulation
  • file_extension_pdf (1K)Sensor Systems for Real Time Distribution System Monitoring

  • CAES Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) -- A project idea that would look generally at the economic feasibility of energy storage devices and another that would examine a site-specific advanced CAES demonstration program have been proposed.  Storage and demand response are two alternatives to bringing on high priced conventional generation to meet these demands.
    Status: Neither proposal is under active consideration, although interest level remains high.
    smart grid lab Development of Texas Smart Grid Lab -- Rather than a specific project, a Texas Smart Grid Laboratory would be a means to manage various CCET projects through existing university and industry facilities and ultimately a central facility that would serve as a test bed and demonstration site for new electric technologies.
    Status: A white paper has been produced that has generated considerable discussion, and a formal feasibility study is under consideration.
    solar panels and wind turbines Distributed Generation (DG) from Large Master-Planned Residential Development -- There is considerable interest in addressing issues and opportunities posed by a series of master planned communities that include solar (and wind) generation as well as possible storage of electric power for community use.
    Status: CCET is working on project ideas with Reese Technology Center.